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Jake Green Review Avatar

Jake Green

"I wanted to throw my girlfriend an awesome birthday party, but our friends didn’t feel like going out to the bars and having to Uber everywhere. I ended up hosting it at my place and thanks to TechPlum, I was able to find an awesome Karaoke machine from Matt to rent just for Friday night! It was such a great deal and we all had a blast! "

Lacie Hampton Review Avatar

Lacie Hampton

"I was working on my 30 page Thesis for grad school and realized not only my ink in my printer was out, but the all the libraries in town were closed for the night. It was due first thing in the morning too. I found Jessica’s page on TechPlum and thanks to her, I was able to use her printer to print."

Jake Green Review Avatar

Paulina Ramirez

"I had such a great experience using TechPlum! I really needed access to a MacBook Air for a project to finish up, and my lender Carly quickly agreed to make me an offer. I was able to receive it that day and completed my project on time. Thanks to TechPlum!"

Justin Shaifer Review Avatar

Justin Shaifer

"I planned a long hiking trip for Saturday and realized my phone just does not have a good camera lens. I was able to contact Leslee Friday night and was able to rent her Nikon camera for the entire hike! I now have amazing high definition photos, which made the experience so much better! I will never forget that day, all thanks to TechPlum."